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DSPA Flameguard Ltd provides innovative fire preventive and fire suppression products and services. The principal officers of DSPA Flameguard Ltd have many years of fire department, product development and testing experience, believe they offer either unique or superior products in this field. Every year Canada has upwards of 60,000 structure fires. The company offers a full line of products, training and installation services, and an ongoing comprehensive quality-control program to provide a superior products. DSPA Flameguard Ltd offers many products including Flame Guard Fire Retardant Paints, customized DSPA Fire Suppression Systems, specialized ASAP Fire Fighting Vehicles all designed to protect your home or business.

DSPA (Dry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol)


The systems can be used for type A, B, C, and K fires. The DSPA-5 is used as an effective rapid intervention tool for fire professionals.

DSPA units are successful in initial and fully developed fires. The active components are even more effective at higher temperatures than at lower temperatures. In this way, it is possible to extinguish a fully developed (test) fire quickly, often within three minutes. Due to the great stability of active components they remain in the air for about one hour, preventing re-ignition.

The DSPA systems can be linked up in series in this way DSPA is capable of protection large areas.

DSPAs have been designed to accommodate many applications based on size and location. We have a range of units that protect spaces from as small as electrical panels to as large as ocean freighters. Please contact us for a consultation of your specific needs.


The DSPA 5 aerosol generator can be used by fire fighters and professional first res-ponders as a highly effective knock down tool against fires. The DSPA 5 generator is non-pressurized and is deployed manually into a room or compartment that requires firefighting.


The DSPA-5 ST utilizes the revolutionary DSPA-5 in a stand alone environment. The system consists of the DSPA-5 mounted on a stand or structurally and includes its own detection device.


DSPA 8-1 and 8-2 aerosol generators can be used as a part of a highly effective fire extinguishing system. A DSPA generator is non-pressurized and is installed inside a room or compartment that requires protection.

DSPA -11

DSPA aerosol generators 11-1, 11-2 and 11-3 can be used as a part of a highly effective fire extinguishing system. A DSPA generator is non-pressurized and is installed inside a room or compartment that requires protection.

Fire Suppression Systems

DSPA Flameguard Ltd provides innovative fire suppression and fire preventive products and services.

Our DSPA systems offer unparalleled protection from not only the devastation of fire but also the damage that can be caused by water sprinklers. DSPA Flameguard Ltd will work with you to plan and configure a system to ensure your valuable assets are protected. We utilize specialized detectors, control panels and DSPA sizes to develop a system that is second to none.

System Advantages:

  • Knocks down fire, flames are gone within seconds
  • Non toxic – safe for equipment
  • Not under pressure
  • Less maintenance
  • Significantly smaller storage footprint
  • No intrusive and costly piping and fixtures
  • Fast, easier installation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Does not deplete oxygen
  • Harmless to humans and animals
  • Quick and easy clean up
  • Prevents flashovers and backdrafts
  • Increases safety of personnel

Paints and Coatings

The DSPA brand has been recognized for over 20 years for its innovative and versatile fire retardant and heat resisting products. DSPA Flameguard Ltd offers fire retardant paints and coatings for wood and steel constructions as well as decorations, fabrics and textiles. The products from DSPA Flameguard Ltd are highly effective, non-toxic and environment-friendly. With an international network of agents and distributors, DSPA Flameguard Ltd products are being used throughout the world, offering fire protection in almost any field while meeting the local demands and regulations.


  • DSPA Flameguard HCA WL, has a ‘A’ class flame spread listing with the Quality Auditing Institute. The class ‘A’, ASTM E 84/CAN/ULC S102 flame spread listing is for the substrates, plywood, Gyprock and dimensional lumber.
  • The HCA WL  ASTM E119/ CAN/ULC S101-7 + NFPA 251-2008, fire resistance test reports
    • Gyprock wall assembly is available
    • OSB wall assembly report is available
  • HCA spray cans for fabric have met the CAN/ULC S109 standard for giving both synthetic or natural fabrics or films an ‘A’ class rating as tested at Intertek labs to the S109 standard.


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DSPA Flameguard Ltd provides innovative fire suppression and fire preventive products and services for commercial, industrial and home use, from Vancouver, Canada.

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